1. Be Kind to Yourself.

Share a Prayer Request
woman greeting friend with handshake and smile advocate for peace and justice work

Yes, loving your neighbour starts with self-care. In this season of unknowns, we all are facing different levels of trauma—from loss of loved ones and jobs to missing special moments with the people who matter to us. Creating room for your physical, emotional, and spiritual health is vital to cultivating love for others. Make some space for quiet reflection and scripture reading. Seek out foods that nourish your body. Go on a walk in the sunshine. And, share with World Renew how we can be praying for you with our Moment of Hope community. Together, we can bring the hope of Jesus to one another.

2. Be Kind to the Elderly and the Immunocompromised.

mother facing injustice holding child tenderly

Can you think of someone nearby who is particularly vulnerable to COVID-19? Offer to do a grocery pick-up on their behalf, schedule a virtual hangout to connect, or pick a time to help care for their lawn, if need be. Remember even as we navigate our way to a new normal that those who live with higher risk for COVID-19 will likely need to practice precautions for longer. Imagine the fears they may feel and practice empathy.

3. Be Kind to Healthcare Workers.

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The care and sacrifice of healthcare workers in response to COVID-19 is nothing short of heroic. Get creative in ways you can thank the healthcare workers in your community: put a sign in your window or on the sidewalk, send a gratitude post out on social media, donate blood (many blood banks are facing shortages), or even contact your local hospital to see about sponsoring a takeout meal for staff that is compliant with physical distancing precautions. 


4. Be Kind to Your Local Community.

Support Local Churches
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Every aspect of community life has been touched by COVID-19: local businesses are struggling, homeless populations have been made all the more vulnerable, some families no longer have access to stable food sources for their kids. There are lots of ways to maintain physical distancing while still buying local and donating to nearby food pantries and shelters. World Renew is also partnering the Diaconal Ministries Canada to provide grants to local churches in need of support for continuing ministry. You can learn more by clicking the button below.

5. Be Kind to the World.

Give or Share
justice volunteer smiling in bangladesh
As COVID-19 spreads throughout the world, we have felt so inspired by those who have reached out to see what they can do beyond their own communities. If you have a story of encouragement for spreading love, would you share it with us? Or if you would like to give to World Renew’s COVID-19 response around the world, do so by clicking below.