Lighting the Way


Economic Opportunity
Alberta-based businesses team up to “let their true light shine” in support of World Renew’s Village and Savings Loan program.

On Saturday, October 24th, at Park Lighting in Edmonton and at its sister company, Cartwright Lighting in Calgary, a friendly competition was in progress. Both family-managed businesses were vying to see which store would raise more money for their “Charity Days” event.

Sporting t-shirts announcing that the day’s business was all about “letting our true light shine,” staff members advised customers that ALL the proceeds of the day’s sales – not the profit, not a percentage, but ALL of the proceeds would go towards World Renew’s Village and Savings Loan Program. With cheerful smiles, the staff explained that the Village Savings and Loan (VSL) program helps poverty-stricken families find hope. Through their local VSL groups, men and women use their loans to grow small businesses or set up their farms. When the members repay their loans, the fund grows and additional, larger loans can be given. VSL programs provide families with a permanent way out of poverty!

The Park Lighting and Cartwright Lighting family not only showed their enthusiasm for their “Charity Days” event that Saturday, but days before the event they encouraged customers to save their purchases for the Saturday, to ensure as much money as possible would be raised for the VSL program.

So who won the friendly competition? Park Lighting sold just under $55,000 and Cartwright Lighting sold just under $31,000. While the Edmonton staff celebrated their victory, the big winner that day was the cause of Christ, the mission of His church through World Renew, the beneficiary of this amazing gift of almost $86,000. There was a true light shining that day, and it wasn’t one of the beautiful, grand chandeliers – it was the Spirit of love and kindness. Thank you Park Lighting and Cartwright Lighting! And, may God shower you with His blessings as you prepare to generously shine a light on another World Renew program at your “Charity Days” event on January 23rd, 2021!