1. Learn

Learn More
woman greeting friend with handshake and smile advocate for peace and justice work

Did you know that 2 million people in Zambia need food support due to droughts from climate change? Or that childhood marriage in Bangladesh remains common? Have you heard of the levels of domestic violence and trauma suffered by Honduran youth?

Justice begins with awareness: a willingness to see the pain of others, and to not turn away from their needs.

That story can start for you by checking out World Renew’s work in Peace and Justice and reading stories that help you understand and honour God’s people around the world.

2. Listen

Meet Amina
mother facing injustice holding child tenderly

There is more than one way to understand a situation. Often, injustice exists in contexts where those in power do not hear the voices of those who are different or on the margins of the majority. For example, Amina is a Syrian mother whose daughters cannot attend a licensed government school in Lebanon because they are refugees without proper permits or citizenship. This lack of education for her children is perhaps the biggest threat to her hope and to their future.

By listening to this need, the local church has begun to address this injustice by stepping in to offer “informal education” and educate local Syrian children like Amina’s girls with basic schooling or marketable skills until they can safely return home.

Listen to the difference that made to Amina in her own words, and think about places where you can do the same in your local community.

3. Act

Run for Team Free a Family
runners after finishing race for World Renew raised awareness of injustice

People like you partner with World Renew every year to draw attention to injustice.

This summer, a ninth grader traveled with World Renew’s Climate Witness Bootcamp so she could return home to educate her church and school on the climate crisis in Kenya and Uganda.

This fall, a dozen men and women agreed to use social media to shine a light on gender injustice in Bangladesh with our #4JustGirls campaign. Together they raised nearly $15,000 for World Renew’s work.

And every May, people sign up to join “Team Free a Family” and run the Soldier Field 10 Mile as advocates for freeing families from poverty. You too can join that work. 

The moment you choose to act against injustice is the moment injustice starts to change.

4. Give

Give to Peace and Justice
water canteen being refilled

Faithful gifts, large and small, make a distinct difference in bringing justice to communities that have been marginalized and silenced.

From providing immediate aid to refugee populations like the Rohingya and Bidibidi to combatting corruption in Haiti that prevents people from receiving aid, your generosity helps to change the story of poverty around the world.

Click to donate to our Peace and Justice Program.

5. Go

Engagement Opportunities
justice volunteer smiling in bangladesh

Your views of justice will always grow when you have the chance to connect specifically with a community experiencing injustice.

Whether looking to travel domestic or abroad, you can participate in one of World Renew’s Global Engagement Opportunities to immerse yourself in another culture, gain a different perspective, and learn how to be a better advocate.