World Renew has been working in Lebanon since 2012.


World Renew has been working in Lebanon since 2012.


The Syrian civil war, which has been ongoing since 2011, has devastated an entire nation. According to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, Syrian refugees in Lebanon are now more vulnerable than ever. More than half are living in extreme poverty, and over three quarters live below the poverty line. Seven years after the war began, life is getting worse, not better, for Syrians living in Lebanon.


World Renew’s response in Lebanon is geared specifically towards Syrian refugees. During the country’s COVID-19 quarantine, emergency food assistance continues for internally displaced families within Syria as well as vouchers to Syrian refugees who have fled to Lebanon. In addition to providing this essential food, World Renew has an initiative to provide project staff with Personal Protective Equipment to stop the transmission of COVID-19 to community members. In response to the virus and as an effort to protect refugees, the food assistance program has added soap to our deliveries as well as information regarding strategies to limit the spread of COVID-19 among Syrian refugee populations. So far, over 4,400 hygiene kits have been delivered to displaced families through World Renew’s partner, MERATH.

As a whole, Lebanon is experiencing many of the economic struggles other countries now face due to quarantine including food insecurity and a majority of the population now falling below the poverty line.

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