A Haitian Earthquake Survivor’s Joy

Evens Desir, 30, lives in Gorgette in the region of Grand’Anse in Haiti with his mother, Elanie Clerge, 62, and his sister Josephie, 7. The family makes and sells bread for a living. Grand’Anse was hit hard by the earthquake that rocked Haiti on August 14th. Evens’ family’s home and their small bakery were destroyed.

Evens recalled the terrifying experience, “The walls of our house collapsed, the pillars looked so flimsy, we had to abandon [the house] and run for safety.” Like many other families in Grand’Anse, Evens’ family was left homeless.

He explained, “We [were] out on the street sleeping. It [broke] my heart to see my mother and my little sister spend the night in the open air, braving the cold, drenched in rain; we had nothing to protect ourselves.”

Evens received a tarp and water purifying tablets through World Renew; he was very elated. When asked what he did with the tarp, Evens beamed, “I [built] a tent for my mother and sister!” In August, 1,147 families in the communities of Gorgette and Lescave in Grand’Anse, received tarps and water purification tablets through World Renew and 1,000 families received rice, cooking oil and hygiene kits. And in Nippes, which was also severely impacted by the earthquake, 500 households received tarps, water purification tablets, hygiene kits, dental care kits, rice and cooking oil. Mindful that many women and girls are unable to afford sanitary products, World Renew facilitated the distribution of dignity kits to 1,500 women and girls in Grand’Anse and Nippes.

World Renew’s emergency response efforts are ongoing in the region. We continue to focus on addressing the needs of the most vulnerable families by providing food and essential non-food items. In September, in Gorgette and Lescaves, 400 families received vegetables–cabbage, carrots, and leeks–and 650 families received black beans; 400 families in Nippes received black beans and 500 families received cooking oil. To address limited or no access to clean drinking water, 800 families in Gorgette received water tanks. In October, 500 households in Nippes received tarps. And, in Lescave 100 households received black beans and 200 farming families received tools–machetes, picks, and hoes–so they could begin replanting their crops.

Thank you for your generosity that has allowed World Renew to share God’s love and hope with families in Haiti who have lost their homes, their belongings, and their ability to generate income. As we continue to access and respond to the needs in the region, please continue to pray for Haitian families who have had to endure so much loss and hardship–may God be their source of hope and comfort as they rebuild their lives.

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