Some estimates indicate that fifty percent of Nebraskans whose homes, businesses, crops, and livestock were in the path of the flooded Missouri River will not recover. World Renew Disaster Response Services (DRS) is helping homeowners with the most need get back on their feet.

One couple needs to have their entire house torn down because the flood damage is so bad. The husband is disabled and walks with a walker. They clearly cannot live in their home so will need to find someplace else to go.

There is another family whose home was flooded up to the ceiling. The sewage is now backed up, making the damage worse. The porch washed away from the mobile home, and it is now almost inaccessible since the stairs are gone and the trailer is several feet off the ground.

These are just two of the thousands of new realities that people in Nebraska are facing.

“There more than a thousand homes that still need to be mucked out,” said Ben Dykstra. “What we have seen is devastation—just devastation—whole neighborhoods were underwater.”

Dykstra and his wife Linda are volunteer Regional Managers for World Renew DRS. The couple recently spent a week in Nebraska meeting with local leaders and laying the foundation for a long-term response.

Together, you and World Renew DRS can make sure flood survivors in Nebraska do NOT fall through the cracks.


You Can Help!

World Renew is currently coordinating volunteers to help with clean up in northeastern Nebraska. If you are available to help this spring, please click here to let us know. Contact Chris Gibson at 800-848-5818 or email [email protected]t with questions.

Your financial gift to World Renew DRS for Spring Storms 2019 will provide flooded homeowners with clean-up help this spring. Not only that, your donation today will be used months into the future to help with home repairs, assessments, and more.

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Photo credit: Associated Press