Giving Thanks for Giving Tuesday

Your generosity helped bring food to the tables of 3,409 families for an entire year!

Mrs. Moru is a farmer in South Sudan who practises subsistence farming. She grows almost enough food to feed her family when everything goes well. But last year when floods washed out most of the farms in the area, her family began to experience a food crisis. Her family did not have enough food to live.

Mrs. Moru looks back at that time and says: “At times I could beg from my neighbours for food so that my children could eat.”

In response to Mrs. Moru’s story, people like you equipped World Renew and our partner to provide food for South Sudanese families this year, including Mrs Moru and her children. Donations from Canadian residents were matched by the Government of Canada through Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

Mrs. Moru still prays for all who reached out with support and brought the food that has helped her family to survive.

Last week, in response to Giving Tuesday, Canadians joined together once again to bring food to the tables of thousands of families around the world like Mrs. Moru’s.

Thanks to the 4X through Canadian Foodgrains Bank by the Canadian Government and another match by a generous private donor, each donation was matched 5 times for the first $200,000. After that, donations were matched 4 times.

Our goal was to raise $2 million together. We not only reached this goal but surpassed it, spreading hope farther than World Renew had even imagined. 

Combined with the efforts of American donors to raise $100,000 for subsistence farmers around the world, Giving Tuesday raised a total of $2.26 million, bringing enough food for an entire year to the tables of 3,409 families.

Words cannot express our gratitude for your generosity. Because of you, some of the most vulnerable families in the world will experience the blessing of the Table of God this year. Thank you.

Please enjoy and share this brief video celebrating all that you accomplished last week!

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