Hope After Heartbreak in Haiti

In June 2021, bullets flew and bystanders were killed as gangs clashed in Martissant, Haiti. Like many other families, Monique Guerrier, 46, and her four children abandoned their home to escape the violence. The family spent some time in an evacuation facility and finally made their way to Morcou, in southern Haiti. The journey to Morcou was not an easy one. Monique shared, “I spent days looking for food and other essential items for my children.”

On August 14, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake rocked Haiti and Monique once again found herself homeless; her house was one of an estimated 130,000 that were destroyed or damaged in the earthquake. She lamented, “No house in Martissant, no house in Morcou now and no livelihood to provide at least for our daily bread. I am one hundred percent depending on God’s mercies.”

Monique worried, “[Morcou] is hardly accessible; organizations [won’t] reach here. It will require difficult trudging…no one [will] distribute aid to affected families.” But Monique held strong to her faith in God, praying that he would provide for her and her children.

World Renew has been on the ground in Haiti and has distributed emergency food, tarps for shelter, seeds, and water purification tablets to 3,110 families displaced by the earthquake, including families in Morcou. Monique said, “I never expected World Renew staff to [come to] Morcou… We are so grateful.”

Please pray for all displaced people in Haiti, especially those in remote areas, that God will provide daily meals and safe long-term shelter. Thank you for extending God’s love and hope to vulnerable families in Haiti who have lost so much.

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