Friends and Supporters of World Renew,

We appeal for you to pray for a just and lasting end to the conflict in Israel-Palestine.

We are grieved as we hear of the increased violence of the past weeks and the loss of Palestinian and Israeli lives that could, and should, have been avoided. During the holy month of Ramadan, over 200 Muslims were injured when Israeli police forces deployed rubber bullets, stun grenades, and tear gas canisters inside the third most important Holy place for Muslims. 

Join us today in this prayer of intercession.

God of peace,
encourage those who seek to establish a fair and just peace in the Middle East. Bless their efforts as they work to end conflict. Lead those who engage in violence to put down their weapons and to live in peace with one another.

God in your mercy, hear our prayer.

God of justice, bless those who work for peace through justice. Strengthen their resolve in the face of seemingly endless violence. Guide the leaders of the peoples of the Middle East to know your will and to support a just peace for all of your children. God of love, lifting up the holy land for all humankind, breathe love and compassion into our prayers with a desire for nothing other than your peace: peace in our hearts, peace for all creation, and especially peace in the land that is called holy.

God of mercy, even as we long to understand that which is often beyond our comprehension, we lay before you the hearts, minds and bodies of all those suffering from conflict in the occupied Palestinian territory and Israel, and from the ongoing occupation. Shower upon all the people of this holy land the spirit of justice and reconciliation.

God of the nations, give to all our people the blessings of well-being, freedom, and harmony, and, above all things, give us faith in you that we may be strengthened to care for all those in need until the coming of your son, our Saviour and Lord.


Prayer taken from ACT Palestine

*World Renew will be contributing $25,000 USD from our Rapid Response Fund to support ecumenical relief efforts as a member of ACT Alliance. The needs are great as hostilities are ongoing and damage to infrastructure is making life extremely difficult.