World Hunger

Over 1 billion people around the world don’t have enough to eat today. They don’t know if they’ll have anything to eat tomorrow.

World Hunger

There are 821 million people who lack regular access to food.

As people of God, we know the story has to change. When you join World Renew in helping fill every table with food, you fill families with more than food.

World Renew is offering a range of resources in both print and digital formats to serve the Body of Christ, both those gathered and those practicing physical distancing. These resources are free of charge.



Around the world, families struggle to place food upon their tables, and Jesus calls us to bring His tangible love to all of them.

We partner with organizations to assist the world’s families in growing their own food sustainably, saving their resources for food crisis, and providing emergency response when violence or disaster has robbed people of access to food.

Meet Row Shan and her family.

For Row Shan, having a place at the table means that her daughters will have the opportunity and hope that she didn’t have. A mother of two in Bangladesh, Row Shan longed to attend school as a child but instead became one of the 72% of girls in Bangladesh who do not complete school.

With World Renew training in sustainable farming, Row Shan and her husband have seen their crops reliably grow more bountiful. Now, the family’s food and income are more secure and Row Shan can afford to send her daughters to school. Food security has allowed Shan to love her children in a way that carries deep meaning for her: education.