Partners in Hope: A Giving Tuesday Initiative for Canadian Churches

Giving Tuesday is a special time when World Renew experiences the generosity of thousands of people giving items to make transformational change in the lives of families working to overcome poverty. Our gift catalogue is full of items like animals, nutrition kits, or handwashing stations that when chosen as a gift, can improve security, overcome malnutrition, and secure health for families and communities all over the world.

But this Giving Tuesday is particularly special. Because this year, churches throughout Canada are partnering with World Renew to send nearly 1400 animals and a range of food and health items all over the world during the next year. In encouraging their congregations to come together and serve the Lord and his kingdom, churches like West End CRC, The Bridge, and Willoughby CRC are bringing hope and inspiring generosity.

West End CRC in Edmonton, Alberta and The Bridge, in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta have partnered to raise 200 Friendship Packs through our Gift Catalogue! These packs will bring 800 chickens and 200 goats to Asian and African countries, which help bring people income, nutrition, and better quality of life. We chose to focus on Friendship Packs this Christmas season as a symbol of the growing friendship and partnership between West End CRC and the Bridge Church in Ft. Saskatchewan. We also know that choosing animals would appeal to a broad range of folks, especially kids. A $78.00 Friendship Pack that includes a goat and four chickens is an affordable gift that many would like to give, and so many are happy to receive.” -Margo DeMoor, West End CRC

Willoughby CRC in Langley township, British Columbia has decided to send Bundles of Hope for their Giving Tuesday initiative, 3 of World Renew Bestseller Bundles which include many livestock, 1 nutrition kit, 1 handwashing station, 1 family sized water filter, 1 bushel of rice, and more funds that go wherever they are needed most!

But that is just the beginning. Many more families are waiting with hope to receive a goat or a water filter or a nutrition kit. That’s where you or your church can make a difference!

The holiday season is full of hope as loved ones gather, we celebrate thankfulness and joy, and give gifts as a response to the ultimate gift we’ve received: salvation through Jesus Christ. Whether you support the efforts of one of these churches, or choose an item from our gift catalogue today to share the hope of Jesus that you’ve known in the lives of many this Giving Tuesday. The world’s communities can’t wait.

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