Canadian Foodgrains Bank

World Renew is a member of Canadian Foodgrains Bank, a partnership of 15 church based agencies working together to end global hunger. Today, that looks like CFGB matching every gift you give to World Renew’s account up to 4 times. Thanks to you and CFGB, we deliver emergency food supplies and long-term food security where needed most.

Canadian Foodgrains Bank

Candian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) has always partnered with World Renew to fight hunger. Today, that looks like matching every gift you give to World Renew through CFGB up to 4 times. Thanks to you and CFGB, we are changing the story of hunger for good.

Multiply your gift! Give today for up to 4x the impact.

Church Engagement

Through Canadian Foodgrains Bank Sunday and additional giving year-round, churches across a wide range of denominations generously donate to provide World Renew with immediate access to emergency funds for international disasters. In addition, many rural and urban churches fund World Renew growing projects with CFGB. All your gifts are matched through CFGB.

Growing Projects

Through community growing projects, farmers work together to plant, tend and harvest their crops, giving the proceeds of the sale to World Renew’s account through CFGB. In addition, the Grow Hope World Renew initiative empowers individuals to sponsor an acre of farmland in rural Ontario. Funds raised through that acre of land are then matched through CFGB. 

Individual Donations

People like you match their regular donations to World Renew with CFGB by making ongoing contributions through their church or the World Renew website. When you give online, you have the ability to specify whether you would like your funds to go to an international disaster response, ongoing community development work in a specific country, or World Renew’s general fund to be used for the most pressing need.

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World Renew is a founding member of CFGB. That means CFGB supports World Renew by collecting grain and cash donations, provides funds and expert advice on projects, and manages the purchase and shipment of food aid. Since 1983 World Renew’s capacity to provide disaster response and rehabilitation programs on a global scale has grown directly through our partnership with CFGB and the generosity of your gifts. Here’s how:

  • We receive gifts from individuals, churches, communities, and businesses to our CFGB account.
  • All these gifts are matched by Global Affairs Canada, up to 4:1.
  • Gifts given to World Renew’s account for growing projects and disaster response are available for immediate use.
  • If World Renew is unable to respond to a particular need, we can contribute funds from our account to any of the 15 different Christian denominations and agencies who partner with CFGB and are responding to that need.
Get Involved. 

When we come together with our resources to combat global hunger, we have more than enough to meet people’s needs. Join us as we continue changing the story of hunger by letting us know how you would like to help.


Thanks to you, World Renew and CFGB have programed $9.9 million to respond to crises around the world and support large-scale projects in Syria, Lebanon, Nigeria, and Bangladesh. Through you, we have brought the love of Christ and the hope of food security to millions of people. Discover for yourself the stories of where hunger tastes hope.

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